• A year ago tonight Misty and I met. Our one year anniversary. We had morning sex. Napped. Had lunch. Gabbed on the phone. It has been a day filled with love.  It’s been a wonderful, amazing, life changing time for me - this time with Misty/boy side. I am stronger, and softer all at the same time. My life is better with her/him in it. S/he empowers me, lifts me up, brings me joy and fucks me until I can’t see straight. 
I love her/him. Every girly bit and every boyish bit. Because it is *all* of those things that make her/him who s/he is. Every dirty, delicious, fun, smart, creative, sexy as fuck part. 
I look forward to seeing where life takes us, and the path we travel together. I type this with a giant, shmoopy smile on my face. 
  • Advice to give my kids. I hope they also learn it through my actions
  • Aren’t we all, ladies - all sexy and full of heartbreakingly beautiful scars? 
Each of us having been dished more pain than we thought we could bear at some points in our lives. Some of you are in pain now, all of us in stages of healing. The more scars the more living is happening. Scary, hard and worth it. 
I salute you, sisters in life.
  • Cute Bunny for theroomatthebottomofthestairs.I have so much I want to write about - good things, happy things. But I am going out to make some more memories tonight. (*giant grin*)
  • For kinkyminx - because you’re a bad ass and cool as hell. xoxoxo